Hiraku photos, rated by Hiraku

Hi there my non-mascot friends. It’s me, Hiraku, and I have been busy! When you are a busy a-borb-able (get it? It’s adorable, but with “borb” in the middle, ’cause I’m a borb…?) mascot like me, you don’t always get a chance to reflect on everything you’ve done. So today, I just want to relax, unwind, and look over some of my adventures.

Let’s get started.

Here is me, looking classy next to some ikebana that some students made. I look pretty cute, but the flowers threaten to take the spotlight. Overall 7/10 Hirakus

I love this one! It’s me, in the center of the picture, and then two (2) students! My face is slightly smooshed to add to max cuteness, and it really makes me stand out from the smiling faces of my friends in the picture. Over all, great photo. 10/10 Hirakus

Well, I really went for max roundness in this photo, and I gotta say, it had a… mixed effect. Roundness is one of my most important features, but at some point, something gets lost. I tried. 5/10 Hirakus

I tried too hard. 2/10 Hirakus

Look! I dressed up for Halloween. Very cute, if I say so myself (and I do!). 6/10 Hirakus

I would like to report an accident? I don’t remember this happening… 1/10 Hirakus

Awww it looks fun! If only I was actually at the beach… 9/10 Hirakus

Who did this? -1/10 Hirakus

Majestic. Look at me, looking at Biwako. The sunset on the horizon, the waves hitting the shore. Contemplative. Scenic. Beautiful. 11/10 Hirakus

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