Hiraku Explores MSU

Hi everyone! Ever wondered what I get up to in my spare time, when I’m not hard at work helping students and learning how to fly? Well, I love to explore! And Japan’s not the only place worth seeing.

As you may know, I spend a lot of time in East Lansing at Michigan State University. That’s where JCMU’s U.S. office is located, after all. It’s also a pretty cool place to hang out. The other day, I got together with an old friend of mine, Travis (2017-18 JCMU alum), and went on a mini-tour of campus. The weather was great and he wanted to show me all the sights.

We started out by getting some coffee at the Wells Hall Starbucks. Travis had Japanese class in a little bit and we both needed some energy! There’s always a line, but I can wait… Kinda…

In class, we practiced conversation and reading. I also got to catch up with some former JCMU students, and we studied together just like old times! Plus, the sensei said my pronunciation was pretty good for someone with a beak.

Next, we began the tour at the Red Cedar River to catch some sun and look for ducks. But it turned out I was the only bird around! And the only borb, too. The bank was full of students studying, hanging out, and enjoying themselves. They’d better appreciate all this free time. Eventually they’ll be working professionals like me!

After that, we walked along the river to the library, stopping in front of the stadium to grab a picture. I’ve never been to a game though ‘cuz I’m a little worried about being mistaken as the ball…

At the library, I poked around on the fourth floor where they keep the Japanese books. Boy, were there some interesting ones! I took a peek in the book drop, too, to see if could double as a borb drop.

There’s a really neat garden right outside the library. We didn’t find any cherry blossoms, but there were dogwood trees and daffodils and a pretty cool pond. All that beauty inspired me to try some modeling.

Then we went across the street to the MSU Museum. There are so many fascinating exhibits there. We walked through a whole hallway of artifacts from different cultures. They didn’t have Japan, but I was there to represent so it was okay. At the end I got to put up a sticker on the wall to show I’d been there with my age written on it.

At that point we were close to Beaumont Tower and decided to stop for pictures. There were lots of people in graduation robes taking photos too! Did you know that one of the corners of the tower is taller than the others? It means that the work is never over and that we can always grow and change. So I’m never going to give up learning how to fly!

It was time to call our tour quits, however. Back in the International Center, where all the study abroad programs are, we swung by the Spartan Bookstore to get a souvenir. But all the clothes were too big for me!

At the end of the day, I felt like I’d gotten to know this home of mine a little bit better. There are so many cool places to visit and learn, and lots of cool people to share it with. No matter where you live, you can get the most out of it by exploring things you never noticed before. Thanks, Travis, for showing me around!

Do you want to go on an adventure with me? When you’re at JCMU, go to the front desk of the Academic Building and ask for me. I love taking pictures with students and I’m always up to travel someplace new!

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