Language Learning Resources

Tips from JCMU Instructors

Our Japanese language instructors in Japan have spent a written quite a bit practicing Japanese before arriving at JCMU! From learning hiragana to more advanced learning techniques, they have something that can benefit learners of all levels. Visit the JCMU Official Blog – Language Learning Tips articles to see what advice they have for you.



StickyStudy: This app uses SRS, or spaced repetition software to help you learn kana and kanji.

Remembering The Kanji: This application is very useful for learning how to identify, understand, and write kanji. While it is a little expensive for an app, it’s a very effective way to practice writing your kanji, make your own study lists etc. Only available for apple products.

Anki: This is a Spaced Repetition Software that works laptops and devices. You can use this program to create flashcards for practicing Japanese. The program keeps track for when you studied which cards and how frequently you know or don’t know the answer. It then sorts these cards for optimal learning.


Online Resources

Denshi Jisho: A free online dictionary for Japanese and English. This site is very useful for individual word translation and kanji identification.

Weblio: Use this site to translate words and expressions from English to Japanese, or Japanese to English in authentic text.

Renshuu: This site has a great grammar dictionary, as well as practice exercises for kanji, vocabulary and so forth.

NHK World: This site has downloadable audio and print lessons in low level Japanese.

NHK News Easy:  This site has current news articles written in low level Japanese. You can also listen to the article as well as mouse over difficult words and phrases for more information.


Printable Resources from Online

Hiragana Practice Sheets

Katakana Practice Sheets

Blank Practice Sheets


Print Resources

501 Japanese Verbs: This book is very handy for looking up Japanese verb conjugations.

Random House Japanese-English English-Japanese Dictionary: This is a very good Japanese/English dictionary that includes a very comprehensive amount of useful Japanese. 

Study Methods

Increasing Retention Without Increasing Study Time 

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